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We are a Tours and Travel Company based in Uganda organizing Safaris in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and the rest of the world.

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Tours & Safaris

Our tours and safaris offer more than just wildlife encounters. Walk in the footsteps of ancient cultures, interact with local communities, and witness the rich tapestry of life that exists beyond the animal kingdom. From exhilarating game drives to serene nature walks, every moment promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Tour Guide

At the heart of our wildlife tours lies the dedication and expertise of our passionate tour guides. They are the guardians of knowledge, the storytellers of the wild, and your trusted companions on an unforgettable journey. Allow our expert tour guides to unveil the secrets of the natural world and bring the wilderness to life.

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Car Hire

Our vehicles caters to various group sizes and terrain conditions, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey. Whether you need a compact car for a solo expedition or a spacious car for a family getaway, we have the perfect vehicle to match your needs. Our well-maintained cars are equipped with the latest safety features.

what our clients say about us


"Wow! What an incredible adventure! Our wildlife tour was beyond our expectations. The knowledgeable guides took us on an unforgettable journey, where we witnessed breathtaking wildlife encounters and explored stunning landscapes. Thank you for creating memories that will last a lifetime!"


Garry Picket

Trip to Queen Elizabeth N Park

"As a wildlife enthusiast, I've been on various tours, but the experience with kagando friends ventures stands out from the rest. The professionalism, dedication, and deep respect for nature were evident in every aspect of the tour. The guides' passion and knowledge added a whole new dimension to the wildlife encounters."


Jonny Burns

Trip to Kidepo Valley N Park

"Our family had an incredible time exploring the wilderness with kagando friends ventures. The tour was tailored perfectly to our needs, ensuring everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, had an amazing experience. Thank you for an unforgettable journey!"


Jennifer M

Trip to Queen Elizabeth N Park

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